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  • Developing an in-depth industry landscape report and providing an opportunity analysis for your product or service. 

  • Evaluating product-market fit, market potential and competitive landscape.  

  • Developing a business plan and actionable operational plan that can be used internally or shared with potential investors and partners. 

  • Identifying current key industry opportunities, trends and risks associated with your product or service.

  • Assistance with implementing correct company and share structure based on your type of business and long-term goals.



  • Preparing a captivating pitch deck and executive summary that can be shared with potential investors.

  • Providing pitch training and feedback to prepare you for in-person or virtual presentations.

  • Providing recommendations and assistance in negotiations with investors on subjects of company valuation, equity percentage in return for investment, share price, type of investment, and securing investment terms that are in your favour.

  • Helping you effectively communicate with high-profile investors and their lawyers.

  • Guiding you through investment term sheets and agreements and clarifying their terms in an accessible language. Providing recommendations for changes with your best interests in mind and offering advice on how to negotiate the changes with the investor (more).

  • Assistance with completing investor’s due diligence process and gathering of all required documents.

  • Assistance with writing and/or proofreading draft applications for grants and other non-dilutive funding opportunities.

Marketing and Sales
  • Helping you develop a financial forecast for your business, including revenue, costs of running the business and sale projections.

  • Developing a multifaceted marketing and sales plan that accounts for unique marketing channels, sources of sales, budget, KPIs and alignment with your overall business strategy.

  • Identifying and recommending industry partners with whom you can pursue partnerships and providing support in facilitating such partnerships.

Regulatory Pathway
  • Providing insight on industry and country-specific regulatory processes and drawing a roadmap for best achievement of regulatory approval with government bodies (i.e. HealthCanada, CFIA, FDA, USDA, EMA). 

  • Providing expert review, clarifications and recommendations for various legal documents,
    such as: 

    • financing term sheets

    • investment agreements

    • share subscription agreements

    • non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements (NDA)

    • invention assignment agreements

    • services agreements

    • manufacturing agreements

    • licensing agreements

    • employment agreements

    • grant funding agreements

    • leases

    • employee stock option plans

    • unanimous shareholder agreements

    • international trade agreements, including in English and Russian.

  • Drafting small agreements and documents in English and/or Russian such as letters of intent/memoranda of understanding and short-term impromptu agreements to solidify verbal agreements.

  • Help with renegotiating and redrafting formerly executed agreements that are potentially unfavourable for you and your business.

  • Preparing formal letters to lawyers, government bodies, current and potential investors and partners on your behalf.

  • Advising on subjects related to company governance and infrastructure such as decoding of your company’s bylaws, share structures, articles of incorporation, board composition, rights and meetings, and shareholders’ rights and meetings.

  • Advising on and helping with incorporating your company in Delaware, including identifying the best corporate entity type based on your needs and long-term ambitions.

  • Providing general legal advice on all legal and strategic issues relating to effectively running and growing your business.

  • Translation of legal and non-legal documents from English to Russian and Russian to English. 

Human Resources 
  • Advising on appropriate employee rights and supplying recommendations for revision of employment agreements.

  • Providing guidance in matters relating to employee incentives for optimal performance in your company, such as: 

    • issuing stock options

    • navigating stock options plans

    • setting the right exercise price for your company’s stock options

    • correctly incorporating single and double triggers accelerations (“golden parachutes”) into employee subscription agreements. 

  • Temporarily filling managerial positions in business development, project management, legal, marketing, supply chain, operations, partnership and customer relations.

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