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We bridge the gap between innovation and commercialization through practical solutions in business development strategy, partnership relations and growth opportunities

Plant Biologist

Our team at Purley A&D Consulting is committed to providing practical solutions and strategic support to set you up for long-term success. Our expertise lies in biotechnology, agriculture, farming and life-science sectors. Whether you are at the ideation stage, stemming from an academic environment, or at the growth stage looking to scale and expand your business, we can help. 

Leveraging our extended industry network and years of experience, we bring expertise in R&D and product development, IP strategy, marketing and sales, equity financing, strategic partnerships, legislative and legal advice, regulatory affairs, manufacturing and supply chain management. 

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We provide solutions specifically tailored to meeting objectives unique to your industry, opportunities and competitive landscape.

With years of executive experience, our team provides an actionable strategy that reduces risk and ensures optimal use of your resources in the context of your growth stage.

Our goal is to help your business go from an idea to a successful commercial product so we equip you with comprehensive support at every step to propel your growth and bolster your business for long-term vitality.

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