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Practical, personalized 

solutions for extraordinary businesses.    

Book a one-hour consultation today and see if Purley A&D Consulting is the right

fit for your business. 


You're doing something innovative, and you need advisors who match your ambition and pace. Our internal team of experienced professionals comes from tech-oriented and corporate fields, bringing forth a broad range of experience and knowledge. Additionally, we have the capacity to leverage our rich international network to find the exact solution to your needs. 


Fundraising & Financing

Supporting your business in identifying appropriate private equity partners, government bodies and other non-dilutive and dilutive financing options to reach the next level. Strategizing with you to effectively pursue and articulate your business plan and valuation to funds, negotiate term sheets and fulfilling due-diligence. 

Organizational Management

Helping you accomplish keystone administrative tasks including pursuing regulatory approval in the healthcare/agriculture/food industries, negotiating and formalizing core business endeavours and partnerships via internationally viable contracts, and sensitively translating key documents (English / Russian).

Market Analytics and Insights

Quantifying evolving opportunities of pursued and untapped markets. Bridging your business to international markets and identifying suitable partners within the geopolitical contexts. Representing your business in international establishment, trade and investments/purchases of real-estate. 


Investment Opportunities at Purley A&D Consulting 

Our Projects 

Our team is continuously identifying lucrative opportunities across real-estate and other industries with attractive ROIs, a 2-3 year turnaround and an comprehensive business plan that looks ahead of foreseeable obstacles. An abundant network allows us to economically engage various experts at different stages of project execution. 

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