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A successful raise depends on impactful communication and steady momentum. In technology-rooted projects, we're often running against the clock set by the IP while carrying greater risks in the early stages. Despite this, we'll help you leave a lasting impression on funders, leverage dilutive and non-dilutive funding sources to get the best deal and ensuring the shareholder agreements set you up for success in raises to come.  

For investors: 


Strategizing the Ask

Providing assistance in negotiations on the subjects of company valuation, equity percentage in return for investment, share price, type of investment, and securing optimal investment terms. Assisting with preparation of business plan and investor deck to effectively reflect value propositions of the business. 


Corporate Agreements  

Consulting on and Preparing of investment agreements, including:

  • Letters of Commitment 

  • Term Sheets & Investment agreement​​

  • Share Subscription agreements with any investment vehicles (equity, convertible note, SAFE, etc.) applicable to the raise


Government Grants 

Identifying compatible grants and other non-dilutive funding opportunities, as well as preparing the applications on your company's behalf for submission. Consulting on your existing application drafts to improve chances of success. 


Investment Opportunities  

Engaging you in profitable investment projects in Canada in real estate, land development, and healthcare. Projects include the likes of purchasing of land, houses, office buildings, and building of commercial, industrial, and healthcare facilities. 

We are continuously identifying profitable projects, and engage our internal team together with our network to effectively execute them. Read more here, and inquire today to participate. 

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