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Life Sciences

Our specialists will be able to support your biotechnological project from conceptualization to market entry. Services pertaining to life-sciences include but are not limited to:


  • Determining your Intellectual Property strategy and its execution 

  • Accessing government resources such as non-dilutive financing and in-kind services

  • Connecting you with global research partners in respective fields to set your product up for international success

  • Cost reduction by optimizing overhead, identifying limiting factors and sensibly outsourcing to trustworthy third-party manufacturers.


Helping product-oriented businesses (meats, seafood, produce, fertilizer, organic bi-products, etc.) in the agriculture space improve the bottom line and identify regional and international buyers. Assisting service-based businesses such as SaaS, veterinary and POC technologies reach their clients and identify viable funding sources. 



Identifying and quantifying the market of relevant applications for your product. Facilitating industry partnerships to scale production and distribution.



Identifying suitable industry partners to scale your diagnostics capacity. Establishing your supply-chain with reliable medical manufacturers and facilitating distribution partnerships to increase cash-flow.

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