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The healthcare industry is ever-evolving, and the path from lab bench to patient can be a long and complicated one. Let us help you develop the right business strategy for your product, identify appropriate regional and international R&D and Clinial Trial partners, effectively work with regulatory bodies such as the FDA and secure funding that reflects the needs of your milestones. 

The above list is intended to provide you with a broad idea of our work based on what we've done for other companies. We are invested in tackling your business's unique needs in the healthcare industry that go beyond this list. Get in touch with us to discuss. 

Research & Development 

Identifying appropriate institutional, governmental and private partners to facilitate the R&D process. Helping you leverage academic status to pursue external funding and opportunities, and aligning your goals with those of potential research partners. Connecting you with media to enhance your public relations with relevant organizations. 


Clinical Trials 

Creating your Clinical Trials framework to align with your proprietary strategy. Connecting you with the right CRO partner appropriate for your Phase and unique pharmaceutical, treatment, procedure or medical device. Helping you monitor international branches of Clinical Trials. Working alongside your team to compose and submit the Clinical Trials Protocol to regulatory bodies (FDA, Health Canada, EMA, etc.). 


Regulatory Affairs 

Identifying necessary procedures, certifications and regulatory pathways specific to your healthcare technology (supplements vs. pharmaceuticals vs. medical devices , etc.) across relevant countries and regions. Helping you pursue said regulatory approvals across respective countries.  



Articulating financial needs of your business and aligning them with your goals for presenting to potential funders. Identifying dilutive and and non-dilutive funding opportunities appropriate for your healthcare product, stage and long-term development/exit goals. Working with your business through the term sheet negotiation and due diligence processes. 


Marketing, Distribution & Sales 

Helping you quantify and rationalize the most risk-proof prioritization of products and develop a robust go-to-market strategy (licensing vs. partnership vs. acquisition). Identifying relevant distribution and supply chain partners. Helping you pursue partnerships with payers, including insurance companies, hospitals and direct consumers. 


Partnerships / M&A 

Rationalizing a finish-line that aligns with your business's long term vision and values. Helping you pursue the respective exit strategy by identifying and connecting you with relevant contacts of large pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies and partners that could mutually help scale the caliber of your operations.

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