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Investment Opportunities 

Our confidence in helping you reach the next level stems from a first-hand participation of deliberate in our own business ventures.  Our focus is on short-term, risk-averse projects, in high-yield industries. If you're interested in participating as an investor, get in touch. 

Rural Land Repurposing 


Land repurposing opportunity towards habitable agriculture land in Northern Alberta. 

Investment Opportunity:

$750,000 private equity. 

$10,000 per share. 

3-year lock-in period.


Project starts January 2025.

2.5 - 3 years to completion. 

Anticipated Returns 

Expected ROI 65% in up to 3 years, via capital gains upon sale + dividends. 

Industrial Zone Development 


The development aims to transform a prime rural site along the Trans Canada Highway, a major truck route, into a modern service stop. This service stop aims to feature essential amenities including a gas station, truck stop, fast food options, car service, hotel, warehouse storage facilities, and bank. The development will produce a vital hub for travellers, providing convenience and comfort while generating significant returns.

Located in a high-traffic area with excellent visibility and accessibility, the service stop will be positioned to capture a steady flow of both local and long-distance travellers. Diverse revenue streams from fuel sales, food services, hotel accommodations and storage rentals will generate substantial and stable income. 

Increase in road travel and decentralization of Alberta's population is driving demand for road-side convenient stops. This project presents a unique investment opportunity with strong potential for high returns and steady cash flow that supports the local economy and caters to the needs of thousands of commuters each day.

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