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Contracts / Corporate

Stride forward with confidence, knowing that your contracts have you covered with every decision on the way. Our team understands corporate nuances that go beyond the lawyer's office and will guide you through making wise strategic decisions that will set you up for long-term success and save you time and resources in the future.

Corporate Agreements  

Preparation of corporate and commercial agreements, including:

  • Term Sheets & Investment agreements 

  • Share Subscription agreements

  • Confidentiality & Non-compete agreements 

  • Manufacturing agreements, leases, employee stock option plans, unanimous shareholder agreements, international trade agreements, and memoranda. 


Corporate Governance 

 Assisting on matters of company governance, including putting in place share agreements for relevant stakeholders, negotiating employee stock options plans, and guidance in understanding a company’s internal documentation and rules, such as its articles of association and bylaws for investment and acquisition purposes.


Contract Optimisation & Auditing 

Helping you interpret any contract in the context of your business needs and nuances. Optimizing the terms of any contract in your favour and redrafting it to reflect the changes. 


North American Presence 

Registering your company in the U.S. and Canada (including corporations, LLCs, and limited partnerships) with comprehensive advice on which business entity suits your needs best.


Accounting & Legal 

 Introducing you to our network of certified accountants, lawyers and other professionals to provide continued support in maintaining your company in the U.S. and Canada.


Investment Opportunities  

Engaging you in profitable investment projects in Canada in real estate, land development, and healthcare. Projects include the likes of purchasing of land, houses, office buildings, and building of commercial, industrial, and healthcare facilities. 

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